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As a writer myself, I read a whole range of fashion blogs, amongst various other topics, which relate to certain hobbies I like or enjoy and find interesting to read. I write my own fashion blog in addition to this media blog, and due to my aspirations to become a successful fashion journalist within a big firm magazine production like Vogue etc. then not only is it interesting to read up on other’s interpretations of fashion, but it also serves as being educational as it helps to broaden your personal understanding and horizons about how fashion develops and the influences it has at the current moment as well as in the near future on our society/ media.

One of my personal favourite bloggers is a young woman named Zoe; she first appeared on the web through her online YouTube blogging which involved her posting videos of herself (as well as certain other members such as close friends and family) on her site, to talk about or discuss anything which she wished to share that day/ week/ month. Her YouTube blogging has grown tremendously featuring millions of followers, whilst she has now become vastly recognised within the everyday to day world, especially at social conventions which involve different members of different platforms coming together, such as Twitter, YouTube, Google, Facebook and Blogger conventions etc..

However despite the fact that I do follow her YouTube online videos, I am most interested in her blog which features her interest in Beauty, Fashion and expresses her general thoughts on a particular subject/ topic which she wishes to discuss with her readers. I originally heard about her website through her YouTube channel, however the addition of external links which link to extra multiplatforms, help to further advertise her blog within the media. She names herself Zoella (the name of her blog) which I believe links to a childhood story about her name and the pronunciation of it. Her website can be found at this address:

Zoella cover and cover line 'Thoughts, Beauty and Fashion'

Zoella cover and cover line ‘Thoughts, Beauty and Fashion’

Zoella- quirky, unique and lovely

Zoella- quirky, unique and lovely

The thing I love most about her blog is partly the way it is presented; the presentation of it is beautiful, creative yet immaculate. As her publicity and name began to grow and become recognised, her funds were increasing through her YouTube channel which allowed her to hire a personal designer to add her own unique touch to her blog’s main cover page. The smart picture of her on the main page featured at the very top in a horizontal banner, creates the image in the audience’s mind that she is a light hearted, easy going, creative person, perhaps with a bubbly, happy personality. I especially love the way in which the photograph of her appears so professional yet I believe it is most likely to have been edited due to the contrast in colours and shading around the hair and face. Her blog has become very successful, by aiming itself predominantly at young teenagers and girls of a similar age to her (so no older than late 20’s I expect). Her target audience is clearly defined, in the terms of being interested in fashion and beauty because of the tight emphasis placed on these sectors.

I like the way in which the blog is arranged in clear defined spaces, with each blog appearing underneath one another, however there is a clear link to the history (split in terms of year and month) at the side of the page, in order to clearly outline each and every article which she has done. This allows the articles to be easily searched and located if you are looking for something in particular. Her work features a good range of material from the newest pieces of makeup she has trialed or bought, to new hair do’s, clothes, and even personal issues and references to family a, friends and fellow bloggers such as her best friend whom she met through creating her YouTube channel a few years ago.

Most importantly is the way in which she writes; she keeps it very light and casual without too many big fancy articulate words however she writes her blog in such a way that it reads as if she is talking to somebody or writing her thoughts within a journal. This personal touch to her articles makes her blog unique to her, which is part of the reason she has become so successful in her self employed career. Her blog was originally done for her own personal feeling, blogging purely for the enjoyment she felt by doing it however now, despite continuing to blog purely for herself and how she enjoys it, she has managed to gain a vast audience of followers who sit and read along with her words as well as following her every move through the expansion of social networking.

Her blog has really inspired me in terms of pushing my passion for fashion and continuing to pursue its course over time, by building up my own fashion blog as well as looking for experience which will be valuable when applying to University and job internships. I just hope I can do it!!!

Pictured below are some screen shots of some of her recent blog articles- featuring fashion, hair and beauty. I hope that one day I could create an online blogging website of my own as successful and wonderfully presented as this. Fingers crossed!

Other fashion bloggers who have inspired me: 

  • (which features predominantly images of the blogger in question out and about around Tokyo and various other cities etc. I love the way in which her images come across to the viewer- they appear so professional and stylised. She is literally inspirational.)

Creator and blogger of Fashion Toast

  • (This girl, Kavita Donkersley created her blog ‘She Wears Fashion’ at the age of 16 but currently is now 20 and lives in Sheffield. Her blog records the fashion musings of herself through picturing and talking about her clothes and latest finds such as vintage sources and thrift shopping. I am amazed by how someone’s blog can start off so simple then just suddenly become recognised by huge multimedia companies such as Topshop, Elle magazine, GLOSS magazine, Cosmopolitan magazine amongst many other inspirational fashion associated companies.)
Writer of 'She Wears Fashion'

Writer of ‘She Wears Fashion’

  • (this website describes itself as ‘Disneyrollergirl (all one word) launched in 2007 as an ‘anonymous fashion insider’ blog while I was employed as a full time fashion director on a magazine in London. Now, as a freelance fashion editor and consultant, the blog is my place to ‘empty my head’ of all the things I see, hear and think about on my daily fashion beat as well as a showcase for some of my work. ‘ The reason I like this blog is because it is simple yet effective. It highlights the fashions that she sees personally and as a fashion editor already, and a previous director for a magazine, her experience places her in good stead, adding to the publicity and success of the blog she runs. I like the fact that originally the blog was anonymous in order that she could post what she wants and when without people judging her or following her every move, yet they could read the blog and appreciate the content that is discussed within it.
'Disney Roller Girl' Image of the website

‘Disney Roller Girl’ Image of the website

The blogger of 'Disney Roller Girl'

The blogger of ‘Disney Roller Girl’

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